Alan Darer
Youth Outreach Coordinator

Alan Darer serves as youth outreach coordinator for Mercy For Animals, developing high school and college outreach programs, including educational materials, presentations, and online advocacy campaigns, and overseeing MFA's youth advisory board and all youth-oriented outreach efforts. As youth outreach coordinator, Alan also works closely with animal rights and veg student organizations nationwide to provide support and guidance in advocating for farmed animals.

Raised as a vegetarian in Rockland County, New York, Alan has always recognized that there is no meaningful difference between farmed animals raised for food and the companion animals we welcome into our homes and consider part of our families. As a freshman in college, Alan attended a screening of MFA's documentary Fowl Play where he learned about cruel egg industry practices such as debeaking and suffocation or maceration of male chicks at birth. Inspired to take immediate action, he became vegan and spent his winter break interning with MFA. During his internship, he learned how to be an effective advocate for farmed animals and developed MFA's Paid-Per-View program.

Alan is a student of biochemistry and math at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. As a member of the executive board, he plays a leading role in the efforts of Vassar's student animal rights group. By focusing on building a strong activism-oriented group, he has organized many highly successful outreach events, including leafleting events and vegan dinners served in Vassar's dining hall. Alan is most proud of the Meatless Mondays campaign, which has prompted over 23 percent of students to pledge to go meat-free one day a week. He has also coordinated trips to animal sanctuaries, organized wild edible walks led by a vegan forager, and brought well-known speakers in the animal rights movement to Vassar.

Prior to serving as MFA's youth outreach coordinator, Alan spent a summer working as the Texas campaign coordinator. Through leafleting, tabling, organizing Paid-Per-View screenings, working with local restaurants to expand their vegan offerings, and inspiring countless advocates to get active for animals in Texas, Alan helped enlighten tens of thousands of Texans to the benefits of veg eating.

Alan is passionate about all social justice causes, believing that all suffering matters and we should take action to reduce the suffering of others. Ever since learning about the cruel industry standards that farmed animals endure, Alan has had a strong desire to get active to end animal abuse and is thrilled to work for his favorite animal rights organization, Mercy For Animals.

When not advocating on behalf of animals, Alan enjoys the beauty of Central Park, playing table tennis, hiking, word games, brewing and fermenting projects, cooking, and baking bread.

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