MFA Investigation Leads to Animal Cruelty Convictions
Crated Cruelty
Easy Activism
  Meatless Meatballs Coming to Ikea
  GUILTY! Two Workers at DiGiorno Cheese Supplier Convicted of Animal Cruelty
  6 Ways Being Veg Saves the Planet!
  Summer Camp for Teenagers Who Want to Change the World
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Mercy For Animals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal advocacy organization that believes non-human animals are irreplaceable individuals who have morally significant interests and hence rights.
CHICAGOChicago, Leafleting at Truman College 04/23/2014
NJMontclair, Leafleting at Montclair State University04/24/2014
OHIOColumbus, Leafleting at the OSU Union04/25/2014
CAEncinitas, Leafleting at the Encinitas Street Faire04/26/2014
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