Sarah Von Alt
Communications Specialist

Sarah Von Alt serves as communications specialist for Mercy For Animals, overseeing the organization’s digital vegan advocacy efforts, including creating and managing the impact of MFA's blogs, social media sites.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Sarah first became interested in animal rights and veganism in high school, and quickly became inspired to end the needless suffering of animals raised for food. With MFA founded in her hometown, Sarah began participating in local MFA events and activities. Sarah was also an integral part of the ballot initiative to ban some of the most abusive factory farming practices in Ohio. Before long, she joined the MFA team as Ohio campaign coordinator.

As Ohio campaign coordinator, Sarah worked with activists across the state to achieve meaningful change for farmed animals, and coordinated and oversaw hundreds of events. A believer in the power of humane education, Sarah has worked with teachers throughout Ohio, and in just the last year, has spoken before over 2,000 students on factory farming and compassion for animals.

Sarah’s passion for activism has spanned many years and extended to various social justice and environmental advocacy organizations. In addition to coordinating grassroots outreach efforts, Sarah has assisted with lobbying, campaign strategies, and public education.

A student of nonprofit administration and leadership, Sarah uses her knowledge of nonprofit organizations, community organizing, and resource management to be the most effective advocate for animals she can be. Using a variety of strategies, Sarah hopes to amplify the success of the existing base of volunteers and activists in the western United States and continue working to end the confinement and exploitation of sentient beings.

An advocate focused on maximum effectiveness, Sarah believes in taking the most impactful actions possible and asserts: “There is not one solitary lifestyle change that could have such far-reaching positive impacts as a vegan diet, and there is no other organization with such a strong focus on results like Mercy For Animals.” Sarah’s prior experience, passion for the animal rights movement, and background as MFA’s Ohio campaign coordinator have prepared her to carry forward MFA’s community outreach efforts throughout the western United States.

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