Outreach Intern/Volunteer Campaign Assistant Application

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2. Availability

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4. In which of the following locations are you willing to intern?

5. For how long can you commit?

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7. Why do you want to intern at MFA?

8. Have you been involved with animal rights or animal welfare? Please explain.

9. Are you vegetarian or vegan?

10. What would you like to gain from this experience?

11. Are you currently enrolled in school?

12. If yes, are you able to receive school credit?

13. If you are in college or university, what is your major?

14. Describe some of your special skills and how you think they could contribute to MFA's work.

15. Have you had any experience communicating with the public? Please list any past work experience you've had that required extensive one-on-one or small-group communications.

16. Please upload your cover letter and resume:

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17. If you are applying to intern at the Los Angeles office, please provide a sample of your writing:

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