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Pledge to Forgo Fish!

Fish and other aquatic animals are sensitive, intelligent creatures with a demonstrated capacity to suffer pain. Nevertheless, horrific cruelty to fish, such as suffocation and dismembering alive, is common industry practice.

In industrial seafood production, massive trawling nets indiscriminately drag hundreds of tons of fish and other animals from the ocean floor. As they are dragged from the ocean depths, fish undergo excruciating changes in pressure that can rupture their swimbladders and pop out their eyes. Onboard, the surviving fish either suffocate or are crushed to death under the weight of other fish. Untold millions of dolphins, turtles, and other non-target aquatic animals are also killed by ocean trawler nets each year.

Today, approximately one in five fish consumed worldwide is raised in captivity. Like factory-farmed animals on land, farm-raised fish are crowded by the tens of thousands in small, disease-and-excrement-ridden areas for their entire lives.

Make the compassionate choice to forgo fish and spare countless aquatic animals unnecessary pain and suffering.

If you've already pledged to eliminate fish from your diet, you can further help aquatic animals by asking your friends and family to take the pledge to forgo fish!

Sign the pledge to forgo fish!

I wish to choose compassion over cruelty by withdrawing my support of the fishing industry. By signing my name, I pledge to forgo fish.


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