Markets of Misery
MFA Goes Inside America's Livestock Markets
Markets of Misery
Compassionate Living
Butterball Abuse
  If You Wouldn't Eat Your Dog ...
  President-Elect of National Pork Producers Council Arrested
  Factory Farming by Any Other Name Is Just the Same
  Real Men Are Kind To Animals
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Mercy For Animals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal advocacy organization that believes non-human animals are irreplaceable individuals who have morally significant interests and hence rights.
CACypress, Leafleting at Cypress Community Festival07/26/2014
FLWest Palm Beach, Leafleting at Warped Tour07/26/2014
CHICAGOChicago, Leafleting at Wicker Park Fest 07/26/2014
OHIOWorthington, Leafleting at Worthington Farmers Market07/26/2014
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