Brooke Mays
Editor in Chief

Brooke Mays serves as editor in chief for Mercy For Animals, overseeing all of the organization’s written material, including content for Compassionate Living magazine, grant requests, letters to the editor, and communications with media, corporations and the general public.

An artful master of the English language, Brooke holds a bachelor of arts in linguistics from the University of Michigan and a certificate to teach English as a foreign language from the University of Cambridge.

Along with her communications experience, she has tremendous passion for animal advocacy. For over a decade, Brooke has devoted great time and energy to companion animal protection, including direct care of shelter animals and adopting her own dog, Ambrose, who had been held for months at Chicago Animal Care & Control as evidence in a local cruelty case. Additionally, Brooke has worked hands-on with farmed animals, volunteering at sanctuaries nationwide.

Brooke's farmed animal advocacy experience also includes co-coordinating highly successful fundraising walks, working with her local public access station to air documentaries and public service announcements on factory farming, and organizing a Mother's Day "Say No to Veal" demo.

During the 2008 Celebrating Compassion Gala, Brooke was honored by MFA for her dedication to farmed animal protection with The Hope Award.

She has been highly successful in her time with MFA. Following the release of MFA's undercover investigation revealing extreme animal abuse at a mega egg factory farm, Brooke's letter on behalf of MFA to grocery giant Trader Joe’s led the company to immediately drop its supplier relationship with the cruel egg producer. She has proven time and again that the pen is mightier than the sword.

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