12 Tweets That Sum Up What It’s Like to Be Vegan

Being vegan is not only easy; it’s delicious fun! With millions of people around the globe going plant-based, there has never been a better time to ditch cruel animal products.

But what is it actually like to live a vegan lifestyle? Read these 12 Twitter posts for a glimpse.

1. You share photos before adding the rest of your yummy (but less pretty) vegan toppings.

2. You want to eat healthy, but delicious vegan junk food exists.

3. You work toward the life you want, just as a vegan!

4. Having a sense of humor is a MUST.

5. You LOVE your vegan food staples.

6. There’s no shortage of delicious food at restaurants.

7. You become so confident about your cooking skills that you consider opening your own vegan restaurant.

8. Vegan potlucks are AMAZING!

9. You enjoy your tasty food a little too much.

10. You are always woke AF.

11. When your vegan anniversary comes around, you’re so happy knowing you’re protecting animals!

12. You’re forever feeling guilty that you didn’t go vegan sooner.


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