Year in Review

As we look ahead to 2019, it’s important that we reflect on how far we’ve come this year. We’ve moved major corporations to adopt animal welfare policies and inspired animal advocates around the world to take action. We’re entering 2019 stronger than ever with big plans to change the world for farmed animals.

We released eight investigations around the world.

  • Uncovered baby animals ground up alive in macerators, dropped onto conveyor belts, and viciously killed by having their necks smashed against factory equipment at a chicken hatchery owned by Maple Lodge Farms in Canada
  • Shot our first-ever investigation inside factory farms raising chickens for meat in Brazil
  • Captured footage of sharks, dolphins, and other marine animals tormented in the driftnet fishing industry
  • Racked up millions of views of our drone footage showing factory farm devastation

We made history.

Secured 38 charges against Elite Farm Services, Sofina Foods, and a chairman of Elite Farm Services after a 2017 MFA undercover exposé that revealed workers punting and throwing chickens and ripping the legs off conscious birds.

Joined forces with other U.S. organizations to pass the strongest farmed animal protection law on the planet—Prop 12, which bans extreme confinement of mother pigs, egg-laying hens, and calves raised for veal in California, as well as the sale in the state of pork, eggs, and veal from caged animals.

We fought for animals on the ballot and in government.

  • Engaged in a coalition effort to change decades-old federal transport regulations to end the horrendous conditions for animals transported across Canada
  • Fought the proposed creation of an aquaculture sea-cage farm in Newfoundland, where hundreds of thousands of fish would live in extreme confinement
  • Worked with environmental groups to ban large-scale driftnets off California’s coast
  • Participated in a coalition effort that secured a ban on cruel cages for hens in Rhode Island

We shared our vision of a compassionate world with millions of people.

1.7 billion

impressions of MFA’s social media content

191.3 million

views of MFA’s videos


pro-vegan op-eds and essays in mainstream media

16 million

MFA and ChooseVeg.com blog views

  • Obtained national media coverage of MFA exposés in The Globe and Mail, National Post, TVA Nouvelles, CTV, Canadian Press, National Observer, and many more
  • Hosted more than 50 celebrities and online influencers at MFA’s Hidden Heroes Gala, including Sarah Jeffery and Calum Worthy
  • Interviewed Natalie Portman, Miyoko Schinner, Rich Roll, Tabitha Brown, Daniella Monet, Alex Blue Davis, and more
  • Highlighted Good Rebel, tattoo artist Hilary Jane, Parka Foods, and Gusta in videos that spread across social media

We made progress for chickens.


companies committed to eliminating cruel cages for hens


companies committed to reducing suffering of chickens raised for food

  • Prompted consumers—after a heartbreaking MFA exposé—to move the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board to release standards that will reduce suffering for chickens
  • Convinced Sodexo Canada, one of the country’s largest foodservice companies, to end the cruel method of killing chickens by shackling, shocking, and slicing them on a slaughter line
  • Persuaded Campbell Soup Company, Royal Caribbean, Pita Pit, and other companies to adopt standards to reduce suffering of chickens in Canadian operations
  • Swayed McCain Foods Limited, a multinational frozen foods company headquartered in Canada, to extend its published cage-free commitment to the company’s entire global supply chain
  • Launched a massive coalition campaign calling on McDonald’s in the U.S. and Canada to prohibit the worst abuse of chickens in its supply chain

We invested in new systems.

  • Created a global dashboard to track progress and milestones
  • Launched an organization-wide intranet
  • Started migrating data to new systems, including Engaging Networks and Salesforce

We made new friends and grew the MFA community.


new social media followers


one-on-one support actions from vegetarian support specialists


activists taking online actions


outreach events hosted

  • Tabled at veg fests across Canada, including Toronto Vegfest, the largest in North America
  • Participated in a French event for the first time, offering bilingual materials to eager attendees at the Festival Végane de Montréal
  • Informed visitors to Vancouver’s VEG EXPO about the intelligence of fish through an engaging presentation
  • Spread a message of love and compassion for all at the Toronto Pride Parade

We grew and celebrated our team.

  • Hired a new managing director for Canada, Alanna Devine
  • Celebrated a three-year anniversary for special project manager Courtney Dobbin
  • Hired a corporate relations specialist for Canada, Colombe Nadeau-O’Shea
  • Hired our first-ever director of people, culture, and diversity, Melanie Heymans
  • Reorganized our teams and managers to better facilitate organizational growth, communication, professional advancement, and support for staff


Let’s celebrate our wins. Let’s celebrate what this means for millions of individual animals—and what this means for this movement, for the incredible potential we have to create a more compassionate world.

Then let’s get back to work for animals. In 2019, we will launch a Canadian bilingual website to expand our reach. We will continue our corporate policy work, which has the capacity to reduce suffering for millions of chickens raised and killed for meat. Canada’s abysmal transportation regulations must be changed, and we will push harder than ever for this. We will fight for better protection for farmed animals across Canada, including provincial and municipal legislative initiatives.

And we will continue to go into some of the darkest places on Earth—factory farms and slaughterhouses—to expose animal cruelty in Canada.

The need for action is urgent.

We must reach higher, act smarter, and bring more people in.

Be a part of our movement that will end animal agriculture and bring compassion to billions of animals.