April 2020 Monthly Impact Report - Mercy For Animals
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April 2020

Monthly Impact Report

April Progress

Mercy For Animals and a few celebrity friends banded together to provide support and musical inspiration during this difficult time.

We also spoke out against the atrocious mass killing of farmed animals as a result of slaughterhouse shutdowns.


Urging Government to Reform Our Food System

United States

The supply chains for meat, dairy, and eggs in the United States are breaking, and rather than rebuild them, we should reform our food system. Mercy For Animals wrote a letter to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue urging him to allocate money from the stimulus package to farmers who want to transition from raising animals to growing plants.

We also submitted comments to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies asking Congress to mitigate COVID-19 risks to workers and public health by slowing slaughter-line speeds and requiring companies to transition to controlled-atmosphere stunning.

And we launched a petition calling on the USDA, the National Pork Producers Council, and the National Chicken Council not to use taxpayer dollars—in the form of a bailout—for mass killing of farmed animals. More than 10,000 people have signed.

  • What the Defense Production Act Means for Animals
  • No Relief Funds for Mass Killing of Baby Pigs
  • Have You Heard of Chicken “Depopulation”?
  • Slaughter Workers at High Risk

Bringing Plants to People

United States

Mercy For Animals partnered with I Grow Chicago to donate and deliver 250 plant-based meals to Chicago families affected by the COVID-19 crisis. This event was part of a larger effort to protect the most vulnerable and help vegan businesses survive mandatory shutdowns.


Tuning In Together


More than 30 inspiring musicians joined Mercy For Animals for a two-day virtual concert streamed on Facebook Live, IGTV, and Twitter. The lineup included Grammy Award winners Mýa and Joss Stone; Latin Grammy winner Sie7e; American Idol star Catie Turner; and Broadway stars Ryan McCartan, Alex Boniello, Kathryn Gallagher, Nellie McKay, and Jake Epstein. The concert amassed more than 150,000 views.


Taking Action at Home

Brazil, Mexico, United States

With most of the world sheltering in place, the Mercy For Animals team wants you to know we are still here for you. We handpicked recipes, activities, and simple actions to help animals and vegan businesses while social distancing.

The At Home Activism program includes a series of webinars by our team members on topics ranging from social change to undercover investigations.


Highlighting Troubling Farm Conditions

Brazil, Mexico, United States

Factory farms are not just terrible for animals. Their crowded, filthy conditions create perfect breeding grounds for pathogens that can infect humans. Through a series of social media posts, we gave our followers a glimpse inside these facilities.


Recruiting Plant Pledges

Brazil, Mexico, United States

In honor of Earth Day, we asked people to pledge to eat plant-based a few days a week. Those who took the pledge received a vegan starter guide packed with recipes and tips.

Changing Institutions


The lower the demand for meat, dairy, and eggs, the fewer animals will be born into misery at factory farms. Mercy For Animals works to decrease demand by partnering with major institutions in Mexico and Brazil, such as schools and local governments, to reduce meat, dairy, and eggs served by at least 20 percent.

hen icon


Animals Potentially Spared Through Institutional Policies

Brazil: 6,900

meals icon


Vegan Meals Served

Brazil: 329,400

Building a Movement

Brazil, United States, Mexico

We believe that the world’s mightiest institutions will heed the call to reform when it comes from powerful and interconnected communities. That’s why our supporters are so important. And in April, Mercy For Animals activists hosted 28 online community-building activities!


Volunteer Hours Logged

Brazil: 101
Mexico: none this month
United States: 223


Online Volunteer Actions Completed

Brazil: 10
Mexico: none this month
United States: 18


Active Volunteer Communities

Brazil: 22
Mexico: 0
United States: 5

Growing Our Global Capacity

Through investigations and public engagement, Mercy For Animals opens eyes and hearts to the suffering farmed animals endure. Our videos, websites, and print resources empower people to join our mighty movement.

29 million

Social Media Impressions

Mexico: 7.9 million
Brazil: 3.2 million
United States: 17.9 million

2.3 million

Online Video Views

Mexico: 338,465
Brazil: 102,810
United States: 1.9 million


One-Minute Facebook Video Views

Mexico: 4,000
Brazil: 1,068
United States: 15,185


Media Mentions

Mexico: none this month
Brazil: none this month
United States: 17


Media Hits in Top 50 Outlets

Mexico: none this month
Brazil: none this month
United States: 4


Views of Our Footage in Media

United States: none this month
Mexico: none this month
Brazil: none this month

New Videos Produced This Month
BEINGS: Kristina Franks Grew Up on a Farm and Knows Animals Need Our Love and Support
Will You Take the Plant Pledge This Earth Day?
Restaurant Owner Goes Plant-Based While Dealing With COVID-19

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“What keeps me focused is to remember that we are their only hope.”

—Camilla, an undercover investigator in Brazil