May 2020

Monthly Impact Report

May Progress

In May, Mercy For Animals released a new investigation into high-speed slaughter. And we ramped up our call for food-system reform, garnering mainstream media coverage and enlisting star support for our petition asking that no government relief funds go to factory farms conducting mass on-farm killing.

Brazilian celebrities participated in our online cooking competition, and we hosted weekly webinars to unite and empower activists.


Exposing Cruelty

United States

A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation exposes the agonizing final stages in the lives of chickens raised for meat and a broken food system that puts workers at risk.

Narrated by Alicia Silverstone, our footage shows chickens arriving at the slaughterhouse in cramped transport crates. A forklift moves five-high stacks of crates onto a machine that abruptly tilts them, and the birds tumble out. Workers must perform at an extremely fast pace—elbow to elbow, grabbing chickens and hanging them upside down from metal shackles.

Some birds had their feet and wings torn off. And once, during a power outage, chickens were left hanging upside down in agony for over an hour and a half.


Advocating a New Food System

United States

In the ongoing conversation about overhauling our outdated and inhumane food system, Mercy For Animals was featured in several media outlets, including Vox, Harvard Political Review, the Guardian, Common Dreams,, Fox News, and the Thom Hartmann Program.

And Mercy For Animals president Leah Garcés published an op-ed in the New York Daily News calling out the Trump administration’s executive order to keep slaughterhouses open, which puts workers in danger.


Building Connections

United States, Mexico, Brazil

We continued our series of Friday webinars in the United States. Topics included managing compassion fatigue, enhancing communication and messaging, and developing effective advocacy plans.

For our Spanish-speaking supporters, we hosted “huevinars.” Participants learned about hen welfare, simple changes they could make to help animals, and handy plant-based egg replacements.

We also launched a weekly webinar series in Brazil, MFA Connections. Artist Leyllah Diva Black spoke about promoting veganism through art, while nutritionist Alessandra Luglio discussed healthy eating.


Hosting a Celebrity Cooking Competition


With so many people stuck at home during the pandemic, we brought some Brazilian celebrity friends together, in a series of videos, for a lively online cooking competition and to raise funds for a good cause.

Actress Mel Lisboa made a vegan stroganoff, journalist Sonia Abrão cooked a hearty lentil soup, and actress Laura Neiva prepared the beloved plant-based staple hummus. On Instagram, actress Fernanda Concon made guacamole, and TV presenter Elle Jabour prepared a healthy sandwich.

Donations from the competition supported Mercy For Animals’ Comida Que Faz Bem project, which brings plant-based meals to families and children in need during the pandemic. The event raised enough funds for 3,000 meals.


Stopping Ontario’s Ag-Gag Bill


In 2019, Ontario introduced Bill 156, one of the most extreme ag-gag proposals we have ever seen. Now, instead of focusing efforts on slowing the spread of the coronavirus, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario is looking to move forward with this bill to protect factory farmers’ bottom line.

We alerted our Ontario supporters and urged them to contact their representatives ahead of a motion to proceed with public hearings.


Going Live with Greenpeace


Mercy For Animals managing director in Latin America Linda Obregón spoke at a YouTube Live event for Greenpeace. Discussing our relationship with animals and the environmental devastation factory farming wreaks, Linda prompted the audience to reflect on the power of our food choices.


Urging No Bailout for Factory Farming

United States

Alicia Silverstone partnered with Mercy For Animals to promote the No Slaughter Bailout campaign. She urged viewers to sign our petition, which now has more than 30,000 signatures. Several celebrities joined the call to action, including Tara Strong, Daniel Newman, and Patricia De Leon.


Launching a YouTube Series

United States

Our new YouTube series We’re Not Chefs features easy-to-prepare vegan recipes every Thursday. Don’t forget to subscribe!

  • We’re Not Chefs: Black Bean Burgers
  • We’re Not Chefs: Chili
  • We’re Not Chefs: Queso

Changing Institutions


The lower the demand for meat, dairy, and eggs, the fewer animals will be born into misery at factory farms. Mercy For Animals works to decrease demand by partnering with major institutions in Mexico and Brazil, such as schools and local governments, to reduce meat, dairy, and eggs served by at least 20 percent.

hen icon


Animals Potentially Spared Through Institutional Policies

Brazil: 6,900

meals icon


Vegan Meals Served

Brazil: 329,400

Building a Movement

Brazil, United States, Mexico

We believe that the world’s mightiest institutions will heed the call to reform when it comes from powerful and interconnected communities. That’s why our supporters are so important. And in May, Mercy For Animals activists hosted 27 online community-building activities!


Volunteer Hours Logged

Brazil: 46
Mexico: none this month
United States: 543


Online Volunteer Actions Completed

Brazil: 6
Mexico: 3
United States: 18


Active Volunteer Communities

Brazil: 22
Mexico: 0
United States: 6

Growing Our Global Capacity

Through investigations and public engagement, Mercy For Animals opens eyes and hearts to the suffering farmed animals endure. Our videos, websites, and print resources empower people to join our mighty movement.

23.4 million

Social Media Impressions

Mexico: 4.6 million
Brazil: 2.1 million
United States: 16.7 million

1.6 million

Online Video Views

Mexico: 306,145
Brazil: 117,818
United States: 1.2 million


One-Minute Facebook Video Views

Mexico: 7,100
Brazil: 2,100
United States: 25,668


Media Mentions

Mexico: none this month
Brazil: 16
United States: 110


Media Hits in Top 50 Outlets

Mexico: none this month
Brazil: none this month
United States: 4


Views of Our Footage in Media

United States: none this month
Mexico: none this month
Brazil: none this month

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