December 2021

Monthly Impact Report

December 2021

Monthly Impact Report

December 2021

Mercy For Animals finished 2021 strong. We launched a new investigation exposing one of Mexico’s largest dairy companies, filed a civil action in Brazil, and persuaded more companies to adopt animal welfare policies.

Uncovering Dairy Cruelty in Mexico


At a dairy farm in Mexico, a Mercy For Animals investigator documented calves violently dragged away from their mothers just minutes after birth. Workers cut cows’ horns off with wire and then cauterized the wounds with a hot iron. 

The facility investigated is in Grupo LALA’s supply chain. We are calling on Grupo LALA to end this abuse.

Reducing Suffering for Birds

United States, Mexico

Major U.S. retailer Meijer adopted an animal welfare policy for its supply chain after pressure from Mercy For Animals. The policy states that chickens raised for meat will be provided environmental enrichments and more space and will no longer be killed by live-shackle slaughter methods.

Focus Brands—parent company of Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s, and Jamba Juice, among others—and Groupe Le Duff—parent company of Brioche Dorée and others—pledged to stop using ingredients that contain eggs from caged hens. These commitments resulted from an Open Wing Alliance campaign launched in November and will help push markets around the world to end cage confinement in their egg supply chains. Mercy For Animals participated in campaign actions to support Open Wing Alliance.

Outback Steakhouse Mexico, a restaurant chain under parent company Bloomin’ Brands, committed to eliminating all cages from its egg supply chain by 2023. The company also committed publicly to exploring plant-based options.

Building a Movement

Brazil, United States, Mexico

We believe that the world’s mightiest institutions will heed the call to reform when it comes from powerful and interconnected communities. That’s why our supporters are so important.


Volunteer Hours Logged

Brazil: 177
Mexico: none this month
United States: 20


Online Volunteer Actions Completed

Brazil: 123
Mexico: none this month
United States: 1


Active Volunteer Communities

Brazil: 22
Mexico: 0
United States: 6

Growing Our Global Capacity

Through investigations and public engagement, Mercy For Animals opens eyes and hearts to the suffering farmed animals endure. Our videos, websites, and print resources empower people to join our mighty movement.


Social Media Impressions

Mexico: 2.1 million
Brazil: 1.3 million
United States: 12 million


Online Video Views

Mexico: 306,919
Brazil: 300,684
United States: 1.4 million


One-Minute Facebook Video Views

Mexico: 87,094
Brazil: 722
United States: 214,149


Media Mentions

Mexico: 2
Brazil: 64
United States: 81


Media Hits in Top 50 Outlets

Mexico: none this month
Brazil: 13
United States: 2

New Videos Produced This Month

Mercy For Animals 2021 Year in Review



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“What keeps me focused is to remember that we are their only hope.”

—Camilla, an undercover investigator in Brazil