September 2021

Monthly Impact Report

September 2021

Monthly Impact Report

September 2021

Two more Brazilian cities celebrated the benefits of plant-based food by joining our Conscious Eating program, reducing meat, dairy, and eggs served. 

In the United States, Mercy For Animals inspired national restaurant chain Cracker Barrel to try out vegan sausage. 

Moving Global Brands to Change


Yum! Brands, parent company of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC, released a commitment to eliminating cages from its egg supply chain globally by 2030. Yum! has over 50,000 locations in more than 150 countries around the world. Open Wing Alliance secured the policy after a three-and-a-half-month campaign. As part of this alliance, Mercy For Animals rallied our supporters to drive campaign actions that led to the commitment.

Holding Companies Accountable


Mercy For Animals released our first corporate animal welfare scorecard focusing exclusively on companies operating in Canada. 

The scorecard ranks 40 major food companies from various sectors on three key animal welfare issues: banning cages for laying hens, eliminating crates for mother pigs, and adopting welfare policies aligned with the Better Chicken Commitment for chickens raised for meat. As a result of the scorecard, 14 companies began reporting progress, updated existing policies, or adopted new ones.

Reducing Meat, Dairy, and Eggs Served


Two more cities in Brazil joined Mercy For Animals’ Conscious Eating program by committing to replacing 20 percent of animal-based meals with plant-based ones. 

When the program is implemented, city schools in Paty do Alferes and São Roque will together serve around half a million plant-based meals a year.

Getting Vegan Options on Menus

United States, Brazil

Dídio Pizza, a traditional pizzeria in the city of São Paulo with more than 25 locations, announced it would launch vegan options. The announcement follows several grassroots campaigns organized by Mercy For Animals volunteers.

After nearly a year of productive conversations with Cracker Barrel executives, the company is trialing plant-based Impossible Sausage at 50 locations. 

Building a Movement

Brazil, United States, Mexico

We believe that the world’s mightiest institutions will heed the call to reform when it comes from powerful and interconnected communities. That’s why our supporters are so important.


Volunteer Hours Logged

Brazil: 18
Mexico: none this month
United States: 114


Online Volunteer Actions Completed

Brazil: 6
Mexico: none this month
United States: 2


Active Volunteer Communities

Brazil: 22
Mexico: 0
United States: 6

Growing Our Global Capacity

Through investigations and public engagement, Mercy For Animals opens eyes and hearts to the suffering farmed animals endure. Our videos, websites, and print resources empower people to join our mighty movement.


Social Media Impressions

Mexico: 1.2 million
Brazil: 2 million
United States: 15.2 million


Online Video Views

Mexico: 90,150
Brazil: 90,812
United States: 393,766


One-Minute Facebook Video Views

Mexico: 332
Brazil: 691
United States: 1,872


Media Mentions

Mexico: 1
Brazil: 24
United States: 24


Media Hits in Top 50 Outlets

Mexico: 1
Brazil: 3
United States: 3

New Videos Produced This Month

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