April 2024

Monthly Impact Report

April 2024

Monthly Impact Report


At a historic gala in Los Angeles, Mercy For Animals supporters reflected on a quarter-century of unwavering dedication, advocacy, and compassion for farmed animals. To celebrate Dr. Jane Goodall’s 90th birthday, we co-created an inspiring star-studded video. And we countered a detrimental “ag-gag” bill in Kentucky by releasing a compelling investigation exposing conditions the legislation sought to keep hidden.

Celebrating 25 Years of Fighting for Farmed Animals


Under shimmering lights, our mission took center stage at Mercy For Animals’ 25th anniversary gala in Los Angeles. In an astonishing show of generosity in person and online, dedicated supporters helped us raise around $2.3 million to fund our vital work.

The gala featured an awards ceremony recognizing prominent changemakers, creative activities that offered a look back at our 25-year history, groundbreaking plant-based cuisine, a lively auction, and a rocking after-party under the stars at our inaugural “Future of Food” night market.

We are so thankful for all the supporters, attendees, presenters, celebrities, and vendors who contributed to an unforgettable night. Check out a full recap and photos of the exciting event.

Collaborating with Dr. Jane Goodall

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To honor Dr. Jane Goodall’s 90th birthday, Mercy For Animals and the Jane Goodall Institute unveiled a short film titled Voices of Hope ~ Words of Wisdom by Dr. Jane Goodall. This tribute honors Dr. Goodall’s enduring commitment to animals, humanity, and the planet. Landing exclusive coverage on PEOPLE magazine’s website and narrated by over 20 influential public figures, the inspiring film seeks to encourage everyone to follow in Dr. Goodall’s footsteps as an advocate, a conservationist, and a catalyst for positive change.

The film opens with a statement from Dr. Goodall and features a collection of profound quotes from Dr. Goodall recited by James Cromwell, Sen. Cory Booker, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Alicia Silverstone, Tabitha Brown, and others.

Challenging Ag-Gag in Kentucky

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While Kentucky legislators pushed a contentious ag-gag bill, we released a hard-hitting investigation highlighting the critical information consumers could lose access to if such investigations were prohibited in the state.

The investigation, along with pressure from Kentucky residents, inspired the governor to veto the bill. But the legislature chose to override the veto, effectively enacting the bill. The law criminalizes capturing and sharing footage of the deplorable conditions in which farmed animals are raised, transported, and slaughtered.

The hidden-camera footage from a Mercy For Animals investigator exposes cruelty to chickens at contract farms for Pilgrim’s Pride, the second-largest poultry company in the United States.

Shutting Down Chipotle with Activist Demonstration

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Seventeen Mercy For Animals volunteers took up signs, flyers, screens, and megaphones outside a New York City Chipotle restaurant to educate passersby on how the company treats chickens. Screens showed powerful footage from a recent Mercy For Animals investigation, while the 500 flyers distributed informed consumers about the suffering in Chipotle’s supply chain. Hundreds of people stopped to listen, talk to demonstrators, and learn the truth.

The event’s highlight was the response from Chipotle, which closed the restaurant’s doors and ceased serving customers for the duration of the protest. This action underscores the impact and visibility of the demonstration. We are calling on Chipotle to publish a roadmap outlining how the company will fulfill its commitment to implementing better chicken welfare practices.

Embracing Plant-Based Coffee Drinks

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After several months of outreach by Mercy For Animals, San Francisco coffee chain Philz Coffee unveiled its first plant-based drink in two years: the Oatmeal Cookie Cold Brew. The beverage will be served with plant-based milk by default. This new offering is available at all 69 Philz locations until June 10.

We’ve been communicating with Philz’s leadership team regarding the sustainability advantages of incorporating plant-based milk as the default option. The chain was also featured in our November 2023 Best of Plant-Based: Coffee Shops report.

In anticipation of our Earth Day report, we urged Philz to introduce a plant-based menu item this spring and reiterated the significant climate impact associated with dairy milk.

Highlighting Our People’s Fund Grantees

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Our People’s Fund program works to address racial inequity in funding and support mission-aligned advocates and organizations. In April, grantee Plant the Power hosted a screening of the documentary They’re Trying to Kill Us. The film highlights benefits of plant-based living and the intersectional impact of food.

Highlighting a Recent Award Nomination

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We were nominated for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2024 Nonprofit & Corporate Citizenship Awards. Our 2022 gala was nominated for Fundraising Event of the Year, recognized for surpassing fundraising targets, achieving overall success, and demonstrating creativity in benefiting the Los Angeles community.

New Videos Produced This Month

Chef Babette shares a powerful message!

Tabitha Brown 🧡 Love & Light Award

Kate Mara and Travon Free 🧡 Community Changemaker Award

Charo 🧡 Compassionate Leadership Award

These celebs share their favorite farmed animal here! 🐷 🐮 🐔

Horrific Undercover Investigation: Extreme Suffering on Pig Farm in Mexico


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