June 2024

Monthly Impact Report

June 2024

Monthly Impact Report


From spearheading plant-based policies in California and influencing environmental discussions in Europe to opening an office in Malaysia and holding massive demonstrations in London and Brazil, Mercy For Animals is a global force, and our presence around the world has never been stronger.

Setting Trends in Hollywood

United States

The city of West Hollywood voted to pass a resolution requiring food and beverages at city-sponsored events and meetings to be plant-based by default, with animal products available only upon special request. In buffet settings, plant-based foods will be placed at the beginning, and on menus, they will be listed at the top.

Mercy For Animals collaborated with city officials over several months to develop this policy. West Hollywood volunteers and partner organizations, including the Center for Biological Diversity and Greener by Default, supported the policy through public comments, and Mercy For Animals is grateful to Vice Mayor Byers for championing it.

Making the Cut for a Prestigious Environmental Award


Over a thousand projects were nominated for the Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize—the world’s biggest environmental award. Incredibly, Mercy For Animals’ Transfarmation™ program made the cut to be one of seven finalists.

While we did not win the prize, Transfarmation team members presented the program to judges in Stockholm, Sweden, and networked with other amazing global changemakers at the award ceremony.

Through this program, we are bringing factory farming into vital conversations about climate change and the future of our planet. We cannot halt global warming without fundamentally changing our food system to one centered on plants. Our nomination shows that this message is getting through.

Uncovering Mass Bird-Flu Killings

United States

We released shocking drone footage exposing the mass killing of hundreds of thousands of birds due to bird flu. This video offers a unique glimpse into the devastating measures the animal agriculture industry is taking in response to the outbreak.

Footage shows dump trucks emptying hundreds or thousands of birds into enormous piles, their feathers scattering as the bodies pile up. Workers bury them in rows. The birds came from a single factory farm housing an estimated 4.2 million chickens, all of whom were killed.

Spearheading Our Biggest Demonstration in Brazil


A peaceful protest involving 110 volunteers in São Paulo marked the largest single event organized by our team in Brazil. The demonstration called for a ban on the live export of animals by sea. Our investigations into the live-export industry have revealed long journeys in cramped, squalid conditions that lead to stress, injury, and even death. Extreme weather conditions and inadequate food and water exacerbate the animals’ suffering. We are urging the government to implement a federal ban.

Advocating Plant-Based Eating to the Brazilian Government


At the annual meeting of the Observatório do Clima, an environmental coalition in Brazil, we proposed policies aimed at promoting plant-rich diets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The coalition’s recommendations to the federal government for the country’s climate change action plan will likely include these policies.

Calling for a Move Toward Plant-Based Eating at UN Climate Talk


Mercy For Animals team members attended a United Nations climate meeting in Bonn, Germany, where they urged governments to include shifts toward plant-based diets in their climate action plans.

Mercy For Animals Establishes Southeast Asian Headquarters in Malaysia


We expanded our reach around the world with the opening of a new office in Malaysia, which will serve as our Southeast Asian headquarters. Southeast Asia has seen rapid economic and population growth, accompanied by a significant increase in factory farming. Malaysia has one of the highest rates of meat consumption per capita in the region. We aim to counter this trend through educational campaigns promoting the benefits of plant-based eating.

Ensuring Companies Stay on Track

Brazil, United States

Several companies made progress in June on their animal welfare commitments:

  • After years of pressure from Mercy For Animals, HHS Culinary disclosed progress toward meeting the enrichment and litter standards outlined in the company’s Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) policy, alongside plans to unveil a comprehensive roadmap by the end of 2024.

  • Whitsons Culinary Group reasserted its BCC policy and presented detailed reports on stocking density, environmental measures, and auditing procedures. This is the first time the company has reported progress since making the commitment in 2017. After sustained advocacy efforts from Mercy For Animals, Whitsons enhanced transparency by issuing a more comprehensive update than the insufficient one shared in late May.

  • Pomptonian Food Service released an update reaffirming the company’s BCC policy commitment and outlining strategies for fulfilling it, though specific percentage targets were not included.

  • Royal Caribbean reported 96% progress on its chicken welfare commitment and 54% on its pledge to use only cage-free eggs.

  • Popular Brazilian hotel chain Hotel Fasano reported progress in its most recent ESG report, noting a complete transition to using only cage-free eggs in its São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Trancoso, and Porto Feliz locations. The chain also reinforced deadlines for other cities.

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