Hold AVI Foodsystems Accountable

AVI Foodsystems claims to be “committed to food sourcing practices with the utmost integrity and accountability.” The foodservice provider’s lack of transparency says otherwise.

AVI Foodsystems vowed in 2017 to ban the worst animal cruelty from its chicken supply chain by 2024 but has failed to show progress or a plan. The company pledged to stop using chickens essentially bred to suffer, known as Frankenchickens, and brutal live-shackle slaughter. Did AVI make an empty promise?

Count me in! I’ll use my voice to call on AVI Foodsystems to publish progress and a clear plan for meeting its goal.

Chickens raised for meat suffer cramped conditions, effects of cruel breeding practices, and horrific slaughter methods.
AVI’s silence raises doubts about its commitment to doing better. The public and the company’s clients deserve the truth.
The clock is ticking on AVI’s chicken welfare policy. The company should choose transparency over failure.