Animal Activists Uncover Shocking Abuse at Australian Pig Farm

Animal activists in Australia have released undercover footage revealing shocking animal abuse at a South Australian pig farm. Their covert cameras captured workers beating, kicking, and riding pigs.

According to the Daily Mail:
The footage and photographs taken at the Yelmah Piggery in Hamley Bridge, north-east of Adelaide, shows a female worker beating pigs with a paddle and a male worker riding sows around the pens and using one as a seat as he checks his mobile phone. Animal activists also claim to have vision of feral cats attacking and eating newborn piglets.
See for yourself:

Of course, it’s not just Australia. Time and again MFA undercover investigations into pig factory farms have exposed similarly horrific scenes of blatant animal abuse and needless suffering.

Unfortunately, much of the cruelty documented in these facilities is considered standard and largely acceptable within the pork industry.

If you care about pigs, you can do your part by leaving them off your plate. For delicious vegan recipes and tips on ditching meat, click here.
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