Argentinian President Announces Vegan Mondays

In a groundbreaking announcement, Argentina’s Casa Rosada, the nation’s presidential house, will serve only plant-based foods on Mondays.

The move is part of an effort to help the planet and start a conversation about the meat-centric diets of Argentine citizens. The over 550 employees of Casa Rosada, including President Mauricio Macri, will participate.

“The only thing that will defend us from an unhealthy diet will be behavioral changes in the way we eat,” says Secretary General Fernando de Andreis. “The purpose is to trigger a conversation about our food, our health, and begin to change our diet.”

This is a big step in the right direction and one all countries should take. Consider what millions more people could do to help curb climate change by choosing plant-based options.

A 2015 report by U.K.-based think tank Chatham House found that by cutting back on meat and switching to a plant-based diet, we could keep the earth from warming above two degrees Celsius from preindustrial levels. The report also urged governments to set an example by warding off animal products.

Earlier this year, Portugal passed a law requiring public institutions to offer vegan options. Similarly, Germany announced this year that it would ban meat from official government functions to set a good example. Most recently, former president Barack Obama discussed climate change and its link to animal agriculture at a conference, urging the public to consume less meat.

Ditching meat, dairy, and eggs isn’t just great for our planet. It also spares countless animals a lifetime of misery at factory farms.

We must all do our part to create a more sustainable and compassionate world by switching to a vegan diet.

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