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13 Celebs Tell Us Why They Love Mercy For Animals

On September 23, 2017, Mercy For Animals honored its undercover investigators at its annual Hidden Heroes Gala at the elegant Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles. The fundraiser was a huge success, raising more than $1.8 million to fund MFA’s lifesaving work!

The star-studded celebration had some of Hollywood’s most notable animal rights advocates, including Kat Von D, Evanna Lynch, Emma Kenney, and the night’s Compassionate Leadership Award recipient and eight-time Academy Award nominee, Diane Warren.

We were on the red carpet as the fabulous night kicked off asking the celebs why they support MFA’s work. Here’s what some of them had to say:

1. Stephanie Corneliussen

“I love Mercy For Animals because they are a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

2. Evanna Lynch

“I love Mercy For Animals because of how brave and unapologetic they are in fighting for animal rights and also how compassionate they are to all the people affected by factory farming.”

3. Carrie Ann Inaba

“I love Mercy For Animals because we all should have mercy for animals!”

4. Diane Warren

“I love what Mercy For Animals does to help farmed animals because they seem to be the forgotten animals.”

5. Justin Tranter

“I love Mercy For Animals because as someone who hasn’t eaten meat since 1995, I am fully aware of the horrible ways farmed animals are treated, and MFA does such amazing work to let the rest of the world know.”

6. Kat Von D

“I love MFA because they’re one of the most inspiring organizations doing so much good work for farmed animals. The world wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without them!”

7. Rose McGowan

“Why I love Mercy For Animals? It’s precisely because of that: mercy for animals. There’s no reason they should be abused. There’s no reason they should be hurt. There’s no reason they should suffer. So I’m very thankful for MFA.”

8. Elliot Knight

“I support Mercy For Animals because I care a lot about the world that we’re in, humans, and animals—all creatures!”

9. Emma Kenney

“I love Mercy For Animals because I’m passionate about animal rights and making a positive change for farmed animals!”

10. Alison Eastwood

“I love MFA because they are a voice for the voiceless!”

11. Alison Pill

“I love Mercy For Animals because they support the most beautiful creatures on the planet—like pigs!”

12. Sarah Jeffery

“The work Mercy For Animals does is so important. They expose a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff that you don’t know happens to animals, who don’t deserve to be treated this way. They really are heroes!”

13. Dr. Jenn Mann

“I love Mercy For Animals because of all the amazing work they do to protect farmed animals. I have a soft spot for cows. And I love all the work they do letting people know how important it is to go vegan!”

Inspired? Join us in helping farmed animals by supporting our lifesaving work. Click here to make a donation today.