16 Celebrities Reveal What Inspires Them to Speak Out for Farmed Animals

On September 14, 2019, compassionate celebrities and guests eager to stand up for animals attended the Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala at the historic Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles. Guests enjoyed an inspiring program, a delicious plant-based dinner and hors d’oeuvres, and a delightful outdoor after-party. We could not be prouder to report that our incredible guests helped raise $2.1 million to support Mercy For Animals’ important work, the most ever raised in the gala’s history!
The celebration began with a star-studded VIP reception and an unforgettable “blue carpet experience with some of Hollywood’s most notable animal advocates, including Joaquin Phoenix, Kevin Smith, Kat Graham, Rob Zombie, Kat Von D, Charo, Daniella Monet, Moby, and Diane Warren, as well as Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, Persia White, Cassandra Peterson, Davey Havok, Sarah Jeffery, Matt Lauria, and Redfoo.
We were on the blue carpet as the fabulous night kicked off, asking the celebs what inspired them to speak out for farmed animals.
Here’s what some of them had to say:
Kevin Smith
Filmmaker, actor, and writer Kevin Smith described how going vegan not only saved his life; it made him a more compassionate human.
Kat Von D
Tattoo artist, beauty-brand founder, musician, and TV personality Kat Von D encouraged all of us to look behind the curtain of the meat and dairy industries.
Prolific musician and producer Moby described fighting for animal rights as his “life’s work.
John Salley
Retired professional basketball player and talk-show host John Salley related animal rights to human rights, saying it makes no sense that any earthling should suffer.
Daniella Monet
Actress, entrepreneur, and influencer Daniella Monet just loves animals and wants to do the best she can for them!
Nev Schulman
Catfish host Nev Schulman not only has compassion for all animals; he wishes more people knew the effect animal agriculture has on climate change.
LMFAO’s Redfoo believes that if we save the animals, we can save the world!
Justin Tranter
Songwriter, singer, and activist Justin Tranter believes that the treatment farmed animals endure is unbearable and what factory farming is doing to the environment is unacceptable.
Alison Pill and Joshua Leonard
Actors Alison Pill and Joshua Leonard are inspired by watching farmed animals play and live happily.
Davey Havok
Musician Davey Havok uses his powerful voice to speak up for innocent farmed animals who can’t speak out for themselves.
Joseph Morgan
TV star Joseph Morgan is inspired by Mercy For Animals’ brave undercover investigators.
Persia White
Actress, musician, and painter Persia White believes that many people in the world are unaware of the horrors of factory farming, which inspires her to spread the word.
Tabitha Brown
Effervescent actress and influencer Tabitha Brown believes we are all one and we are all love!
Harley Quinn Smith
Actress and musician Harley Quinn Smith is the reason her father, Kevin Smith, went vegan. She believes in using our voices to help animals be heard.
Dee Wallace
Actress, author, and public speaker Dee Wallace knows that compassion is the highest state of love!
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