2014 Animal Rights National Conference - Mercy For Animals
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2014 Animal Rights National Conference

2014 Animal Rights National Conference

I had the honour and pleasure of attending the 2014 Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles over the last few days.

Being surrounded by other activists all day every day was uplifting and inspiring. 

The speakers, the sponsors, and the exhibitors were all great. And, of course, the food — let’s just say I ate a few too many warm vegan donuts!


While it would be difficult to share all of the amazing work that is being done by so many people, the true lesson learned is that there is an important role for each and every one of us in working for the animals.

Whether we leaflet at a concert, fight for legal reform, protest at a local circus, or bring vegan baked goods to work, the animals need us.

Whether we work part time, full time, or on a volunteer basis, the animals need us.

Whether we are artists, doctors, lawyers, students, or homemakers, the animals need us.


Every one of us needs to find how best to use our skills and abilities to speak for those who have no voice.

Remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Help in any way you can to bend the arc.

Feeling Inspired? Click here to learn more about volunteering with MFA Canada.

Written by: Krista Osborne, Executive Director, Mercy For Animals Canada