Here’s Why 2018 Was the Year Veganism Went Mainstream

If you feel like this was the year of veganism, you’re right. In 2018 demand for vegan products skyrocketed.

According to VegNews, the online food-delivery marketplace Grubhub announced that vegan food was more popular on its service than ever. While red meat didn’t make the company’s top 10 list, plant-based food gained popularity, and vegan bean burritos were the most popular takeout item of 2018—with a 276 percent increase over 2017.

Grubhub’s Year in Food report is based on analysis of surveys and orders of more than 16 million customers across the country. In addition to bean burritos, cauliflower rice bowls and Buffalo cauliflower were top sellers, and vegan brownies made the Top Desserts category.

This isn’t the only company to report rising popularity of vegan food this year. According to Plant Based News, some of the most popular dishes ordered through Uber Eats were plant-based, prompting the service to announce that vegan food would be a top trend in 2019.

Similarly, Whole Foods recently named vegan meat a top healthy food trend of 2019, and a new report by Research and Markets predicts that the plant-based protein market will see a compound annual growth rate of nearly 9 percent by 2023. The report cites awareness of a plant-based diet’s health benefits as a reason for the market’s growth.

All this evidence suggests that the world is moving toward a more vegan future. And it’s great news for farmed animals, who suffer unimaginable cruelty: mutilations without painkillers, extreme confinement, neglect, and violent deaths.

And as more people become aware of the cruelty involved in animal agriculture, as well as the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle, veganism will surely continue to grow. You can join the millions of people protecting animals, their health, and the environment by leaving animal products off your plate.

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