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2019: The Year Dairy Goes Vegan

The writing has been on the wall for years. Growing public awareness of the detrimental health effects and animal cruelty involved in dairy consumption and production has sent milk sales plummeting.

To save the dying industry, the U.S. government has been caught dumping tons of unwanted milk and cheese to regulate prices and stave off market disaster.

At the same time, food producers have taken notice and started innovating. A mere 10 years ago, supermarkets offered only a handful of plant-based dairy products. Today, it seems that half the milk on store shelves is made from almonds, coconuts, soybeans, or other plant foods, leaving dairy in the dust.

Say Cheese

“I can’t give up cheese. How many of us have heard this? How many of us have said it? Thankfully, today you don’t have to give up cheese to go dairy-free. In fact, the vegan cheese on the market in 2019 is so good, many people wouldn’t know it didn’t come from a cow. Companies like Miyoko’s, Kite Hill, and Treeline make gourmet vegan cheeses that will impress at any wine-and-cheese gathering. And best of all, they’re becoming more available than ever! Even Trader Joe’s and Target carry them.

Want slices? We have those too. Follow Your Heart and Field Roast make vegan cheese slices in flavors from American to pepper jack to smoked Gouda. They are delicious and yes, they melt.

Nice Cream

Last year, vegan ice cream went mainstream. Major ice cream makers like Breyers, Häagen-Dazs, and Ben & Jerry’s all released dairy-free pints that got rave reviews. These products are widely available and join those of brands such as So Delicious and Coconut Bliss that have been doing amazing vegan ice cream for years.

The Year of Yogurt

What 2018 was to vegan ice cream, 2019 is to vegan yogurt. Major brands like Danone and Chobani noticed that plant-based yogurt sales spiked by 30,000 metric tons last year and recently announced plans for vegan lines. Additionally, vegan yogurt producers like Silk, Forager, and Kite Hill continue to expand.

Looking Ahead

While the death of dairy might not have happened just yet, the consumer shift toward plant-based versions of dairy products has never been stronger. Who benefits from this most? Animals, of course.

Dairy factory farms are notoriously cruel places. Kept in crowded, filthy conditions, cows are mutilated without painkillers and routinely have their newborn calves stolen from them.

Take a look:

There has never been a better time to make the kind move away from dairy products and to choose healthy and delicious plant-based versions instead. To get the latest on this exciting trend, check out our ChooseVeg blog and make sure to follow us on social media.