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21 Questions Twitter Had for Vegans… and Our Responses to Them

It seems that whenever someone goes vegan, family, friends, and co-workers ask similar questions. Now that veganism is more popular than ever, many are taking to social media, specifically Twitter, to satisfy their curiosity. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions and debunked some of the biggest myths.


So many videos are shared through social media to help people make the connection between the animals they love and the ones they eat. Whether about the meat industry’s impact on the environment, plant-based nutrition, or heartbreaking animal cruelty, these videos strike a chord with a broad range of people. Mercy For Animals’ videos, which have racked up over 200 million views, help people make the connection between the animals they love and the ones they eat. And with outstanding feature-length documentaries, like What the HealthEarthlings, and Cowspiracy, you can bet minds are changing.


Yes! While it may take time to see the impact of our choices, going vegan is totally worth it! Each year the average vegan spares about 30 farmed animals a lifetime of suffering and a painful death. In addition to helping animals, you also protect the environment and your own health. Your choices really do make a difference.


Say what? Compassion is not an either-or proposition; it can extend to both human and nonhuman animals at the same time. In fact, the animal rights movement is undeniably linked to other social justice movements, like workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, environmental justice, feminism, and racial equality. So put that in your pipe.


Simply put: Vegans are passionate. We care about what’s happening to animals, the environment, and our own lives. Factory farmers treat animals in ways that are simply out of step with most people’s values, and it takes speaking out and educating others to change things. Animals can’t speak for themselves, so we speak for them.


If you care about animals, the planet, and your health, the answer is yes.


It certainly can! With the rapid progression of climate change, polar bears are starving because of difficulty finding food as ice cover decreases. By leaving animal products off your plate, you greatly reduce your carbon footprint. And you help more wild animals than just polar bears!


People go vegan for different reasons, but most vegans I know wanted to stop contributing to the horrific suffering caused by the meat, dairy, and egg industries. Billions of animals suffer and die in factory farms around the world each year simply to satisfy our tastes. If you can eat vegan versions of foods you enjoy that taste great and don’t cause suffering, why wouldn’t you?


Many plant-based foods are high in protein. But to be honest, I only picked this question for the cheese part. I am Italian, so cheese was always a staple in my diet. And when I went vegan, that didn’t change! I just found incredibly tasty vegan versions, like the delicious nut-based cheeses from Miyoko’s or Treeline. Easy peasy!


First of all, I won’t talk about how wonderful almond milk actually is. But if you don’t love almond milk, there are other options: soy, coconut, hemp, cashew, pea, and even sunflower milk. Not only do they taste great; they don’t contain pus, and they spare mother cows a lifetime of suffering. Win-win!


Fun fact: Not every vegan made the switch because they didn’t like the taste of animal products. I’m often asked this question, and my response is that I simply did not want to contribute to animal suffering. Many vegans grew up eating meat and dairy products with food rooted in family traditions. With plant-based alternatives, we get to have the taste we remember while staying true to our values.


Vegan athletes abound! More than a quarter of the Tennessee Titans are vegan and so is GQ’s Citizen of the Year and famous football player Colin Kaepernick. But it’s not just football players! In all sports, vegan athletes are on the rise, and they say eating plant-based food helps them gain strength and recover faster.


As much as I’d like to think I’m Wonder Woman, I’m not. But if by “superpowers you mean have really great skin and fight injustice, then maybe!


Fish factory farms are not only disgusting but unspeakably cruel. And eating wild-caught fish is depleting marine species at an astonishing rate. Consuming fish is literally killing our oceans, but with great vegan seafood options, like tomato sushi, fishless filets, crabless cakes, and carrot lox, we’re good.


Anything you can eat, we can eat vegan: burgers, burritos, sandwiches, and yes, even cupcakes! (But a good soup or salad every now and then makes my day.)


You have to remind yourself of the reason you went vegan. We give animals a voice. Once your relatives see you’re serious and understand why you became vegan, the jokes will calm down. After some initial pushback, even my dad has cooked some amazing vegan recipes! Now, we may not be able to convince everyone, and some people get defensive at the mere presence of a vegan. Just let them know that you are happy to have an honest, respectful conversation but that you aren’t there to argue or be made fun of.


Vegans should never be expected to look a certain way. Compassion is beautiful and body positivity is something we need to take seriously. The animal rights movement is based on compassion. That should leave no room for tearing people down because of their looks. Instead, we should accept ourselves and build one another up. You do you, Lucie Dumpling. Bananas in Pyjamas is my jam!


The same way vegans go on dates with meat eaters! Veganism is becoming so popular that most restaurants offer a vegan option or a vegetarian one that can easily be made vegan! Finding vegan options is the easy part. The conversation… well, that’s up to you.


Vegan Parmesan cheese exists!! We don’t miss out on anything. But nutritional yeast is better than Parmesan cheese anyway. Ask any vegan.


Plant-based foods can actually be more filling than their animal-based counterparts! According to the University of Copenhagen, legume-based meals are more satisfying and filling than meat-based ones. More fiber means delayed hunger. Science!


A ton of accidentally vegan snacks are perfect go-tos for when you’re really, really hungry. And if you’re constantly hungry, we got you.


I love mashed potatoes, so this was one of the first things I learned to make vegan, and it’s so easy! Dairy-free milk and vegan butter make the ultimate mashed potatoes. Don’t believe us? Try this recipe.

And finally…

Vegans get plenty of protein. Don’t believe us? Check out these 12 vegan foods that have more protein than a burger.

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