5 Reasons “Cage-Free” Isn’t What You Think

Think “cage-free egg farms are humane? Think again. Though the animal welfare conditions are slightly better than on egg factory farms, “cage-free farms leave much to be desired. Have a look:

1. Overcrowding

Ross William Hamilton, The Oregonian

Instead of being confined to wire cages, hens at “cage-free” facilities are often crowded by the thousands into dark sheds for nearly their entire lives.

2. No Access to Outdoors

Ross William Hamilton, The Oregonian

Chickens raised in cage-free facilities are often denied access to the outdoors like their battery-caged counterparts.

3. Painful Mutilations Without Anesthesia

Many cage-free hens still undergo painful mutilations, such as having the tips of their sensitive beaks seared off with a hot blade, without any anesthesia.

4. Macerators

Male chicks are all considered worthless by the egg industry, and are still killed, often by being ground up alive in giant macerators.

5. Violent Slaughter

When their egg production slows after a couple years, hens from cage-free facilities will still be cruelly slaughtered for meat or gassed and dumped in a landfill.

Don’t believe the egg industry’s hype. With the numerous egg alternatives available today for all types of cooking and baking, consumers can easily drop eggs from their diets in favor of a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle.