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9 Celebs Who Went Vegan in 2017

From professional athletes to actors and musicians, so many celebrities have decided to make the switch and go vegan this year.

Here are nine celebs who adopted a compassionate vegan diet in 2017.

1. Laverne Cox

In October, Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia Burset on Orange Is the New Black, took to Instagram and Twitter to share that she’d gone vegan, saying it was “the best thing ever!

2. Danielle Brooks

In August, Danielle Brooks, another Orange Is the New Black star, shared on social media that she was enjoying the “vegan life. While we don’t know why everyone on OITNB is going vegan (Ruby Rose is also vegan), there must be loads of delicious food on that set!

3. Ne-Yo

Also in August, R&B singer Ne-Yo shared a lengthy Facebook video announcing that he’d decided to go vegan after watching the documentary What the Health. “Thanks to the What the Health documentary, I have gone vegan, completely vegan, he says in the video. “I ain’t messing with that meat no more. Sorry, I can’t. After watching that, I can’t do it. … It’s really a little mind-blowing how blissfully ignorant I was for so long.

4. Craig Robinson

In October, Craig Robinson, star of The Office, Pineapple Express, and the new series Ghosted, sat down with Harry Connick Jr. and spoke about his decision to adopt a vegan diet.

Robinson said his decision to stop drinking last January inspired him to find other ways to improve his health. He soon learned about plant-based eating and decided to give it a try. Since changing his diet, he’s lost about 50 pounds!

5. Edie Falco

Known for her role as Carmela Soprano on the hit HBO series The Sopranos, Edie Falco discussed her switch to a vegan diet in the October issue of Parade. Falco said that having been vegetarian for 16 years, she decided to go vegan and ditch all animal products.

6. Lewis Hamilton

British driver Lewis Hamilton went vegan midseason at the Singapore Grand Prix. His choice generated some skepticism, but the driver has proved his critics wrong by winning three of four races and finishing second in the other.

7. Jason Derulo

Pop and R&B singer Jason Derulo told Men’s Health in October that he’d given up eating animal products and that he felt the best he’d felt in years.

8. Kylie Jenner

People reported in July that Kylie Jenner had announced on her Snapchat that she was “trying this whole vegan thing. While the beauty mogul and reality star hasn’t committed to a vegan lifestyle, we’re hopeful that after learning more about the many benefits of veganism, she’ll make a lifelong commitment. Keep it up, Kylie!

9. Theo Riddick

This summer, Theo Riddick, a running back for the Detroit Lions, announced he was going vegan. He also credited Netflix’s What the Health. “Watching things like that is alarming on a lot of levels because of a lot of things you don’t know in terms of things you eat on a daily basis such as chicken and drinking milk has no nutritional value, he said. “You have to be conscientious of what you’re putting in your body.


These celebs join a long list of others, including Persia White, Jessica Chastain, Colin Kaepernick, Serena Williams, and Tony Kanal, who have ditched meat, dairy, and eggs.

Eating plant-based foods is a great way to protect your health, the environment, and of course, farmed animals.

From throwing chicks into macerators to tearing baby cows from their mothers, factory farmers routinely abuse animals. What’s worse, this systematic torture is actually legal. Fortunately, by going vegan you can easily withdraw your support from this inhumane industry.

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