Activist Spotlight: Steven Litrov

Activist Spotlight: Steven Litrov
Steven Litrov is a dedicated defender of animals. Working as a campaign assistant in our Los Angeles office for the last few months, Steven has been an inspiration, and an unstoppable voice for animals.

During his time with MFA he has helped hand out thousands of leaflets, and convinced hundreds of people to watch a four-minute segment of MFA’s powerful documentary Farm to Fridge.

We recently chatted with Steven to ask about his experience volunteering with MFA, and to learn what is next for this superhero for animals.

What inspired you to go vegan?

I went vegan a year after becoming vegetarian, which was influenced by watching Earthlings, and becoming very unhappy with what I was eating and the injustice I was contributing to. I felt so empowered — and it just clicked!

What is your favorite vegan/animal rights resource?

I really like the vegan community on Reddit. Users submit links to blogs, current events, news articles, photos of recipes they made, and memes (among tons of other interesting content!) related to veganism and animal rights. The community is very active and also helpful to those thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan.

Why do you volunteer your time to help farmed animals?

I’m passionate about protecting animals, and I’ve found the best way to do this is by educating people and promoting compassionate food choices, as well as supporting organizations that make an effort to do so.

I feel a moral imperative to help people make informed choices, and move away from the abusive, factory farming system.

What is your favorite type of volunteer event?

Paid-Per-Views! We’re leafleting a lot of the time, so it’s nice to do something different (that is also fun and social) every now and then.

It’s great seeing viewer’s reactions as they’re watching the video, and interacting with them and starting a dialogue about the video content. I find most of my interactions really positive, effective, and fulfilling.

Can you offer any insight for others interested in becoming involved with animal rights activism?

I would highly recommend reaching out to any local animal rights organizations or veg-friendly groups in your area, whether through Facebook or Meetup, and get involved.

Mercy For Animals and other vegan advocacy organizations like Vegan Outreach offer volunteer opportunities or internships — in addition to offering guidance to do outreach on your own!