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Beyoncé and Jay-Z Offer Fans Free Concert Tickets If They Try Vegan Food

Pop icons and star couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z are so passionate about vegan eating, they are offering their fans a chance to win concert tickets for 30 years if fans incorporate more plant-based food into their diets!

Beyoncé posted the contest to her Instagram earlier today for her over 123 million followers. “What is your Greenprint? the caption read. She directed people to click the link in her bio for a chance to win concert tickets “for life.

The Greenprint is a website that encourages people to incorporate more plant-based meals into their routines to help protect the environment. It is also the name of a new vegan cookbook by Marco Borges (Beyoncé’s trainer) with an introduction by Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

This isn’t the first time the über-famous couple has championed vegan eating. Back in 2015, they promoted the 22 Days Nutrition Challenge, which guides people through a course in plant-based eating. They also launched their meal planner, an innovative online service offering personalized vegan meal suggestions and recipes. More recently, last year Beyoncé announced she was eating vegan ahead of her performance at Coachella.

Celebrities have a huge platform, as millions of people look to them for inspiration. So when a truly iconic couple like Beyoncé and Jay-Z promote vegan eating, people take notice. As a result, people consume more plant-based meals and fewer animal products.

With 2019 called “the year of the vegan, there has never been a better time to stop consuming meat, dairy, and eggs in favor of eco-friendly and humane plant-based meals. Need help getting started? We’ve got you. Check out today for recipes, tips, and an amazing online meal planner. Want more vegan inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest page for hundreds and hundreds of recipes!

PHOTO: idrewuk – Originally posted to Flickr as Hello hubbie!