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Bird Flu Discovered in Ontario: Eight Farms Quarantined, Thousands Killed

The Toronto Star reports that eight poultry farms in Ontario have been quarantined after the discovery of the bird flu virus on a turkey farm.

According to the article:

The outbreak was discovered after birds on the turkey farm started to die late last week. …

… So far 7,500 turkeys on the farm have died.

Tests are underway to determine whether the virus poses a risk to human health.

“A total of 11 farms in B.C. reported cases of the virus starting late last year. In the U.S., H5N2 outbreaks among turkeys from Minnesota and South Dakota have led to the slaughter of more than 300,000 birds, the article continues.

It was just a couple of years ago that a massive outbreak of avian flu in Asia resulted in the deaths of millions of birds. The H5N1 strain detected at the time was not only transmissible to humans, but also often fatal to them.

The meat industry treats turkeys as nothing more than meat-making machines. Factory farms are rife with filth and overcrowding, creating breeding grounds for disease. It’s no wonder birds become sick.

Take a look at this undercover footage taken by Mercy For Animals Canada at a turkey factory farm in Ontario:

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PHOTO: Anne-Marie Jackson / Toronto Star file photo