Birds Thrown From Transport Truck: Thousands Mangled and Killed

A highway in Austria was shut down last week after a transport truck driver fell asleep and collided with a bridge pillar, spewing thousands of chickens onto the roadway. Dead and mangled birds covered the asphalt in a truly horrific aftermath. Workers struggled to collect the dazed, wandering survivors. 

These chickens were “spent egg-laying hens on their way to slaughter. 


Animals raised and slaughtered for food suffer miserably for nearly their entire lives: mutilated without painkillers, crammed in tiny wire cages, and treated as nothing more than meat, dairy, and egg machines. During transport, animals are subjected to weather extremes and left for hours without food or water.

A 2014 Mercy For Animals investigation of Western Hog Exchange in Canada revealed frightened animals suffering heat stress and dehydration after being transported hundreds of kilometers in sweltering heat and workers using electric prods to repeatedly shock “downed pigs.

See for yourself:

Accidents are also common. Just two weeks ago, a transport truck carrying pigs overturned on a highway in Texas. A Facebook Live video of the scene quickly racked up over 500,000 views. 

We all have the power to help stop this unconscionable cruelty by leaving animals off our plates. Visit today and learn more about switching to a healthy and humane vegan diet.