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Bob Barker to Governor Christie: Protect Pigs, Ban Gestation Crates

Today, on behalf of Mercy For Animals, Bob Barker penned an open letter to New Jersey Governor, and fellow Republican, Chris Christie, asking him to sign bill S.998, which would require pork producers to give pregnant pigs at least enough room to turn around and engage in other natural behaviors. If Governor Christie signs the bill, which was passed overwhelmingly by both houses of the state legislature, New Jersey will become the 10th state to effectively ban the use of inherently cruel gestation crates.

In the letter, Mr. Barker reminds Governor Christie:

Our society takes so much from farmed animals; the least we can do is show them a shred of mercy. … It’s hard to fathom locking any animal in a metal cage so small she can’t even turn around, let alone one as smart and social as a pig. This needless cruelty has no place in a great state like New Jersey.

The latest polling shows that 93 percent of Garden State voters support this bill. Clearly, this issue transcends the typical red-blue divide. New Jerseyans are a compassionate people, and want their leaders to enact policies that protect the most vulnerable.

Outspoken animal advocate Bob Barker is perhaps best known as the Emmy Award-winning host of the popular TV game show The Price is Right, which he turned into a forum for encouraging millions of Americans to help control the pet population by having their companion animals spayed or neutered. Mr. Barker is also a long-time supporter of Mercy For Animals and narrated an undercover investigation video at a Walmart pork supplier calling on the company to stop torturing pigs in gestation crates.

Watch Bob Barker’s video about gestation crates here:

Gestation crates have been widely condemned as one of the cruelest factory farming practices in the world. In fact, gestation crates are so inhumane they have been banned in nine U.S. states.

It’s time to make New Jersey the 10th state to ban these cruel crates. If you are a New Jersey resident, please call and email Governor Christie and urge him to sign S.998 into law. Take action here!

And no matter where you live, everyone can help pigs and other farmed animals by adopting a healthy and humane vegan diet.