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Brooklyn Borough President Goes Vegan, Reverses Diabetes

Over a year ago, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and a sugar level so high his doctor was surprised he wasn’t already in a coma. After consulting with doctors and doing his own research, Adams became convinced: A plant-based diet was his path to better health.

Adams spent 22 years in the New York City Police Department. He was also the first African American to hold the position New York senator. Adams now eats “nothing that has a face, mother or father, adding devoted vegan to his incredible resume.

His Borough Hall office—doubling as a minikitchen—is now brimming with hot plates and toaster ovens, sweet potatoes and apples, and even nutritional yeast and spices. In an interview with Black Vegans Rock just last month, he stated:
When we rid ourselves of animal products, we will rid ourselves of the pain, the injury, and the constant fatigue. We’re dying because our bodies can no longer sustain themselves from what we feed it.
He even says there’s a correlation between high meat consumption and disease in impoverished communities. Adams also notes that people living in these areas have little to no access to plant-based options and little to no education on maintaining a healthy diet. Adams is trying to change that.

Not only is the Brooklyn borough president promoting diabetes awareness at senior centers, but his borough is investing large sums of money into schools with gardens. By teaching students to grow vegetables, these schools cultivate healthier lifestyles. You better believe there is a do-serve (and do-not-serve) food list for events at Borough Hall.

Adams is even taking to his social media accounts to promote veganism.

In just eight short months, Adams has seen amazing results from his switch to a vegan diet; he lost 30 pounds and completely reversed his diabetes! This is great news, considering this pancreatic disorder can lead to heart attacks, stroke, nerve damage, kidney disease, vision loss, and cognitive impairment. He even told the The New York Times he no longer needed a midday “pick-me-up since his veganism gives him more energy.

By ditching animal products, Adams has reduced his own suffering from disease and the suffering of countless farmed animals each year.

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Main Photo Credit: The New York Times