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Burned Alive: Massive Barn Fire Kills Nearly 24,000 Chickens

A huge fire in Pucket, Mississippi, has killed close to 24,000 egg-laying hens and completely destroyed the two houses they were kept in, according to recent news.

Despite efforts to keep the fire from spreading, it all but destroyed the farm, with several large fans inside the chicken houses exacerbating the blaze.

“When the temperatures started rising due to the fire they kicked on and basically created a wildfire like effect that just raced through the chicken house, the article quotes Brian Grantham with Rankin County Emergency Management.

What caused the fire is still unknown and under investigation.

Even amidst this horrific mass death, factory farmers and the media regard chickens as commodities rather than casualties and their suffering is sadly ignored. The news story solely focuses on profit loss, leaving out the anguish of these birds trapped to burn alive.

The best thing we can do to prevent animal suffering on factory farms is to leave meat and other animal products off our plates.

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