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Butter Industry Funds Study Showing Butter Is Bad for You

The Danish Dairy Research Foundation recently funded a study in hopes of boosting butter’s reputation. Instead, the study found that butter is still bad for you.

According to The Washington Post, “The study’s findings, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, instead established that even moderate levels of butter consumption could result in higher cholesterol. At the very least, the study showed that butter raises blood cholesterol levels more than alternatives like olive oil.

Countless studies have shown dairy products to be detrimental to human health. Just last year, a study highlighted by The Telegraph found a link between milk consumption and lowered life expectancy. In fact, those who consumed three glasses of milk or more each day were twice as likely to die early as those who drank less or no milk.

MFA investigations at dairy facilities throughout the U.S. have documented a culture of cruelty and neglect. Cows used in dairy production are treated as mere milk-producing machines, and their lives are filled with fear and suffering.

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