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Butterball Convictions Garner HLN Coverage

turkey-video-3.jpgNathan Runkle, executive director of Mercy For Animals, appeared on HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell this past Friday to discuss the convictions of four employees at a Butterball facility in North Carolina.

An MFA undercover investigation at Butterball exposed turkeys being kicked, thrown, and horribly neglected by farm workers. It resulted in the first-ever felony charges for abuse to factory-farmed poultry.

During Velez-Mitchell’s interview with Runkle, she noted that these turkeys were not so different than the dogs and cats we lived with. Runkle added: “Birds suffer pain the same way. … They deserve consideration and respect. As a civilized society, we should not be subjecting any animals to inhumane treatment.” Check out the full interview below: