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Chris Hemsworth Went Vegan During Filming of The Avengers and Stayed Buff AF

According to the Daily Mail, while “bulking up for his role in Thor and The Avengers, Chris Hemsworth decided to go vegan.

On Australian TV show Today Extra, the actor’s personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, discussed the high-protein plant-based diet Chris switched to:
That was a big experiment we tried to see if he could keep the muscle being vegan and it actually surprised me as well because we’re all in this mentality of “gotta eat animal protein, protein, protein but you can get a lot of protein from beans.
Luke said the star’s favorite vegan foods were beans and veggie burgers, adding that the diet helped keep Chris in “tip-top condition.

While it’s unclear why Chris decided to go vegan, his younger brother, Liam, may have influenced him. Liam told Men’s Fitness that he was trying to convince his brother to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Eating vegan is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Experts have discovered that a plant-based diet reduces one’s risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. In fact, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that long-term vegetarians live on average 3.6 years longer than their meat-eating counterparts.

Countless professional athletes have reaped the benefits of a vegan diet, including NFL players David Carter and Colin Kaepernick, bodybuilder and strongman competitor Patrik Baboumian, and tennis champ Serena Williams.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video of badass professional vegan athletes!

But eating vegan foods isn’t just great for your health; it also protects the planet and spares farmed animals a life of misery.

From throwing chicks into macerators to tearing baby cows from their mothers, the factory farming industry routinely abuses animals. What’s worse, this systematic torture is 100 percent legal.

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