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CNN: Centenarian and Former Heart Surgeon Credits Veganism for Longevity

The vegan centenarian, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, is in the news again! This time, CNN has aired an inspiring interview with him.

As one of the first doctors to perform open heart surgery, Dr. Wareham understands the role that lifestyle plays in determining heart health and adopted a vegan diet “in midlife after he found research that showed animal-based foods raised cholesterol. He believes his longevity and clear-mindedness are due to this change in diet.

Dr. Wareham worked until age 95 and still walks regularly and drives. (He drove to the interview!) And stress? No way!

“I have a philosophy you do the best you can, and the things you can’t do anything about, don’t give any thought to, Dr. Wareham said in the interview.

Watch the interview here:

Various studies demonstrate that a vegan diet greatly decreases a variety of health risks, including risk of heart disease. It’s no coincidence that Dr. Wareham is still on his feet.

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