CNN Exclusive: Factory Farmer Laughs as He Buries Animals Alive

CNN Exclusive: Factory Farmer Laughs as He Buries Animals Alive
Last night, CNN broke a stomach-turning story about a Pilgrim’s Pride chicken supplier who was caught on hidden camera laughing as he buried animals alive. The shocking video footage was taken by an undercover investigator with Compassion Over Killing and shows workers dumping bucketloads of sick chickens into a squalid pit where they were left to slowly die.

When the investigator asked if the birds should be killed before being dumped into the pit, a worker responds:

No, we’re going to drop them in the pit just like they are. You dump them in there and then Mother Nature takes care of the rest. You go in there in the summertime, and it smells real nice over there. If you look down in there, it’s like a gravy that’s simmering and squirming.

Tim Prince, the owner of the factory farm, admitted to CNN that chickens are buried alive at his facility, but indicated that he didn’t believe it was that big of deal.

[The investigator has] narrowed it down to a few bad things I’ve done. And I’ve done it. It’s obvious. She took just a very minute little things that we’ve done wrong.

Watch CNN’s exclusive story here (the news story follows an ad):


In its hard-hitting report, CNN also took on the controversial ag-gag bills that threaten to prohibit undercover investigations like this and keep animal abuse and other serious crimes hidden from the public. In North Carolina, where this investigation took place, Senator Brent Jackson refused to talk with CNN about his efforts to protect animal abusers from criminal liability.

In the last few years, dozens of investigations by Mercy For Animals have revealed what the industry is so desperate to hide: rampant on factory farms. Ironically, as the factory farming industry more desperately tries to hide its cruel practices, the more they are exposed.

What You Can Do to Help:

Expose Factory Farm Cruelty – Share undercover videos at factory farms with as many people as you can and help expose the cruel and corrupt practices of factory farming industries.

Choose Vegetarian – Each time we eat, we can choose kindness over cruelty. Adopting a diet free of meat, dairy, and eggs is the single most powerful action you can take to prevent needless cruelty to farmed animals. Visit for free recipes, tips on making the switch, and more.