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Disney Star Zendaya Goes Vegetarian, Credits Her Love for Animals

In a recent People magazine article, Disney star Zendaya discusses why she ditched meat and chose a compassionate vegetarian diet.

The actress said she first started to think about becoming a vegetarian at age 11, when she passed a slaughterhouse on a road trip with her father and he explained to her exactly where her food came from. “I thought it was awful, all those animals getting packed up in there waiting to be killed, she said. “I couldn’t believe that’s how I’d been getting my meat!

It wasn’t until years later when she saw undercover footage of what really goes on inside slaughterhouses that she decided to fully embrace a meat-free diet. She wrote on her app: “My main reason for being a vegetarian is that I’m an animal lover — definitely NOT because I love vegetables.

While Zendaya is not 100 percent plant-based, we applaud this significant step she’s taken toward a diet free of animal products.

Countless celebrities have decided to leave cruelty off their plates by adopting a plant-based diet, including Jessica Chastain, Emily Deschanel, James Cameron, and Jared Leto.

Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a vegan diet and not contribute to the suffering of billions of farmed animals.

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