Eat Meat? New Study Says You’re More Likely to Tolerate Other Injustices

According to a new study, people who consume meat are more likely to tolerate social inequality beyond exploiting animals for food.

A recent Munchies article showcases a group of international researchers who have identified the primary justifications, known as the “4Ns, that people use for consuming animals. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ve likely heard these excuses before:

“It’s natural to eat meat!

“It’s necessary to eat meat. (for adequate protein, etc.)

“It’s normal. Everyone does it.

“Meat tastes nice.

According to the article:

Those who most endorsed the 4Ns were more likely to be male, more likely to tolerate other forms of social inequality, and were quicker to point out cows’ inferior intelligence to humans. …

… Another interesting insight that can be gleaned from the study is that it could explain all of the eye-rolling that meat eaters tend to wield at vegetarians and vegans, despite the fair amount of evidence that eating less or even no meat is now generally considered a good thing by everyone from Bill Gates to the United Nations.

The researchers also note the contradiction in caring for some animals, namely dogs and cats, while consuming other animals equally deserving of consideration.

All animals have the capacity to experience joy and suffering, and deserve equal protections. The best thing we can do to align our values of compassion and fairness with our diets is to leave animals off the menu.

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