Egg Shortages Causing Bakers to Go Egg-Free

While the avian flu ravages the Midwest, killing millions of chickens, American bakers are facing egg shortages, which have caused egg prices to double. This has left some companies scrambling for an affordable alternative.

According to NPR online, a dozen or so companies are selling ingredients that can replace eggs in a variety of applications.

While the focus of the article is on Glanbia Nutritionals, which relies on whey protein for its alternative, there are also affordable plant-based alternatives to eggs from companies like Hampton Creek, a small business known for its amazing egg-free products and substitutions. The New York Times reports that “13 companies worried about running short of eggs have contacted Hampton Creek about its egg substitutes.

Earlier this week Forbes highlighted 7-Eleven’s switch to Just Mayo, Hampton Creek’s famed eggless mayo, at all of its U.S. locations.

Egg-laying hens are subjected to cruelties few of us can even imagine. Kept in extreme confinement and mutilated without painkillers, these gentle animals are treated as nothing more than meat-producing machines, and their short lives are filled with misery and deprivation.

We can take a stand for animals and encourage companies to move towards humane alternatives to animal products by ditching meat, dairy, and eggs in favor of healthy vegan options.

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