Endangered Species: The Meat of the Matter

Polar.jpgA recent “Huffington Post” article is spotlighting a new campaign by the Center for Biological Diversity that urges consumers to reduce their meat consumption to save the environment and endangered species like the polar bear. 

What does meat have to do with wildlife extinction? More than you might imagine. 

According to Stephanie Feldstein, population and sustainability director at the Center for Biological Diversity, “That carbon footprint of meat production is more than just a big number. For polar bears, it’s a factor in whether or not they’ll live to see the end of this century.” 

“For many people,” Feldstein continues, “the cost of meat to the farm animals themselves is enough. Once you add in the cost to wildlife and the environment we all need to survive, then multiply it by the growing demand for meat in a world of seven billion people, the price is too high for any of us.” 

Whether you’re concerned about species extinction, environmental destruction, animal suffering on factory farms, or the quality of your health, your food choices hold tremendous power. Visit ChooseVeg.ca for hundreds of delicious vegan recipes and tips on adopting an animal-friendly and eco-friendly diet. 

Written by Sarah Von Alt, MFA