Farmed Animals Are the 99%. Here’s How to Help Them

A new Huffington Post piece highlights people’s increasing awareness of the horrific treatment of farmed animals in the U.S. and the most effective ways to reduce their suffering.

While farmed animals make up the vast majority of animals abused by humans (more than 99%), the fewest donations to protect animals (less than 1%) are allocated to them.

The author explains:
Drawing attention to this imbalance is a burgeoning nonprofit called Animal Charity Evaluators. Its goal is to educate everyday animal lovers (and charity donors) about how to most effectively stretch their dollars to help the most animals.
Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) is an independent nonprofit that reviews hundreds of animal protection nonprofits from around the world, analyzes each for its cost-effectiveness, and makes recommendations to donors as to which charities to support.

The most recent recommendations marked the third year in a row that Mercy For Animals was named one of the world’s best animal protection nonprofits. ACE recommends MFA as one of the charities doing the most good for animals per donor dollar.

Making a donation to MFA is certainly one the most effective ways to help animals suffering on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. But here are a few other ways you can make a big difference for animals:
  • Share Undercover Videos on Social Media
Most people have no idea how terribly factory farms abuse animals to bring us meat, dairy, and eggs. Sharing undercover videos on social media is a great way to expose friends and family to the truth.
  • Sign Petitions
Whether it’s demanding more or better vegan options or encouraging a company to move away from the cruelest forms of confinement, petitions can be a simple yet effective way to create change.
  • Leaflet
Leafleting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach thousands of people with a message of compassion for animals. Leafleting takes zero preparation, and at the right time and place, just one person can hand out hundreds of brochures in less than an hour.
  • Go Vegan
One of the best things we can to do protect animals is simply to leave them off our plates and remove our support of an industry that treats animals as unfeeling commodities. To order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide, click here.