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Former NHL Player Teams Up With Mercy For Animals to Fight Cruelty

Hockey legend and former Montreal Canadiens player Georges Laraque has teamed up with Mercy For Animals to speak out against horrific animal abuse at conventional factory farms. In an open letter to Geoff Molson, the owner of the Montreal Canadiens, Laraque blasts his former team for opening the new restaurant 1909 Taverne Moderne without a public animal welfare policy. Laraque writes:
Like millions of other Canadians I care deeply about animal welfare and agree that animals should be protected from the worst forms of abuse at factory farms and slaughterhouses. This is why I was appalled to learn that 1909 Taverne Moderne had failed to announce an effective animal welfare policy before opening day.
Yesterday, protesters joined forces in Montreal at the opening of 1909 Taverne Moderne, projected to be one of the largest restaurants in Canada. The silent but powerful demonstration raised awareness of the restaurant’s failure to announce an animal welfare policy that would prohibit its suppliers from inflicting the worst forms of factory farm cruelty on the chickens raised and slaughtered for its products.

Without adequate protections, most chickens killed for meat in Canada are crammed by the thousands into dark, windowless sheds. They are bred to grow so large, so quickly that they often cannot even walk without pain and struggle to reach food and water. Many die from painful heart attacks or organ failure because their bodies simply can’t keep up with the rapid growth. When they are only a few weeks old, they are roughly slammed into transport crates and trucked to slaughter.

It is this horrific suffering that MFA, Georges Laraque, and compassionate Canadians are speaking out against. To learn more, visit

The best way to take a stand for all animals subjected to cruel factory farm conditions is to switch to a compassionate vegan diet. Click here for a list of delicious vegan chicken substitutes!