Health Canada Is Revising Its Food Guidelines and Wants Your Input

According to CBC News, Health Canada recently announced its plans to revamp the outdated Canada food guide.

The government is seeking the public’s input to help modernize the nearly decade-old recommendations. In addition to processed foods and sugary drinks, the current guide encourages unhealthy amounts of animal products.

Just this month, a senate report found the guide to be dated and ineffective: “Fruit juice, for instance, is presented as a healthy item when it is little more than a soft drink without the bubbles. It also states that the increase in ultra-processed products on the market has led Canadians to eat “calorie-rich and nutrient-poor” foods. Conservative senator Kelvin Ogilvie, chair of the senate committee, said, “We think Health Canada’s got to revise its examples of what healthy foods really are.

Now Health Canada is asking for the public’s opinions via a national survey. This is an opportunity for Canadians to urge the government to encourage reduced meat consumption.

The revised Canada food guide should emphasize eating fresh whole foods and limiting or eliminating meat, eggs, and dairy products, as these products have been linked to epidemics of certain cancers, heart disease, obesity, and other major diseases. Additionally, these products come from animals who are tortured on factory farms. They often face daily abuse and neglect. Lastly, animal products are major contributors to environmental destruction and climate change.

The comment period ends on December 8, so we encourage you to visit this link and add a polite comment urging Health Canada to reduce meat consumption in favor of healthier, more sustainable plant-based alternatives.

Thankfully, you don’t need to wait for governments to act. By switching to a vegan diet, you can help animals, greatly improve your health, and fight climate change.

For information on adopting a compassionate plant-based diet, including delicious vegan recipes, click here.