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In Celebration of Women’s History Month: Spotlighting Inspiring Vegan Activists

Women have always been at the forefront of the animal rights movement. In fact, throughout history, women have not only led the fight for animals but spearheaded countless social justice campaigns, marched tirelessly in protests, and proved they never back down.

Every day this month, Mercy For Animals will celebrate a vegan woman activist who inspires us. We’ll spotlight these outstanding activists on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, and we’ll share links to their work and social media pages so you can follow them too. (Trust us; you want to follow them.)

I’m honored to work in a movement with such amazing women, and I’m sure you’ll also find the work they do inspiring.

To start our celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting Jenna Talackova.

Jenna is a vegan Canadian model and television personality. After being disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada pageant for being transgender, she successfully fought a legal battle to compete and paved the way for transgender contestants by becoming the first in the pageant’s history.

Jenna chose a vegan diet for reasons of health and personal ethics, and she’s not looking back: “I went vegan three years ago because I love animals and was studying nutrition and I just felt it really meshed with what I was about.”

Talk about inspiring!

To keep up with Jenna, follow her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

And be sure to follow MFA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram this Women’s History Month as we honor fierce vegan women!