Israeli Animal Rights Group Exposes Horrific Abuse at Fish Factory Farm

A shocking undercover investigation from Israeli animal rights group Anonymous reveals horrific animal abuse at a fish factory farm.

The heartbreaking footage exposes fish kept in crowded and filthy tanks filled with toxic pesticides. You can see these poor animals covered with parasites and suffering from painful injuries and diseases.

What’s more, workers at the factory farm intentionally starve the fish for days, throw them on the ground and step on them as if they were mere objects, allow them to suffocate slowly, dismember them alive, and freeze them to death.

Watch the shocking video yourself.

This isn’t the first time the commercial fishing industry has been caught abusing animals. Earlier this year, undercover footage of salmon factory farms off Vancouver Island revealed blind, emaciated salmon swimming in their own feces. According to the video, a 17-year report discovered that sea lice from one of the fish farms had been killing young wild salmon.

Because fish factory farms confine so many fish in small, filthy enclosures, they are perfect breeding grounds for parasites. In fact, in 2016 an outbreak of sea lice spread from Scandinavia to Chile. To combat the growing epidemic of sea lice, salmon factory farms import tons of wild-caught wrasse. As “cleaner fish, wrasse consume parasites, but importing wrasse wreaks havoc on native fish populations.

Factory-farmed fish endure lives of misery in crowded, waste-filled pools. A 2016 study notes that farmed salmon become “so depressed they give up on life. Whether they’re farmed or caught, fish are capable of experiencing pain and fear much like land animals. Not only is killing them for food unnecessary; it’s inhumane, unsustainable, and unhealthy.

To make matters worse, fish are slaughtered in incredibly cruel ways. In 2011 Mercy For Animals conducted an undercover investigation at a fish slaughter facility and exposed fish being skinned alive. They thrashed and fought to escape the workers’ knives. As the fish gasped for oxygen, workers ripped off their skin with pliers.

Additionally, a recent report from the British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy found that a whopping 70 percent of fish slaughterhouses failed to comply with environmental regulations.

It’s clear that the seafood industry values profits over the environment and the well-being of fish.

Thankfully, we can withdraw our support by leaving aquatic life off our plates and switching to a compassionate vegan diet. Click here to learn more. And check out these cruelty-free, sea-inspired recipes.