Jack Black Swaps Red Meat for “Scientifically Delicious Veggie Burgers”

Last week, Jack Black posted a video on Twitter, vowing to forgo red meat for plant-based alternatives. The comedian and actor said he was making the switch to “limit catastrophic climate change and encouraged his followers to join him.
The video was prompted by EcoResolution, a nonprofit founded by model Cara Delevingne and Advaya. The group’s website states that EcoResolution seeks to “empower people around the world to take action, to step up rather than shut down in the fight against climate change. Each month, EcoResolution picks a different topic to delve into. This month, they chose food and farming, writing:
The food industry is one of the leading drivers of the climate crisis and is responsible for almost 60% of global biodiversity loss. But, every time we put a meal on our plate we can make decisions in the interest of the planet and people around the world.
EcoResolution asked supporters to share how they are making a difference for the planet using the hashtag #MyEcoResolution. The challenge quickly gained support from celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, Priyanka Chopra, and Rita Ora. In his #MyEcoResolution video, Jack Black said:
My EcoResolution is to stop eating red meat. I’m going to still eat a cheeseburger, but it’s going to be one of those new scientifically delicious veggie burgers. You know, the Impossible, the Beyond, etcetera. I’m doing this to limit catastrophic climate change and to support my mental health. I think you should too.
Jack Black has shown interest in plant-based eating before, even saying in a recent Wired interview that he was a vegan “in spirit and that it was “time for everyone to consider that lifestyle. He also called the Impossible Burger “straight-up delish.
The truth is, plant-based meat, dairy, and eggs are much better for the environment than their animal-derived counterparts. In fact, a vegan Beyond Meat burger generates 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a beef burger!
Even more impressive? Swapping animal products for tasty plant-based foods can actually cut your greenhouse gas emissions from food in half. Join Jack Black in making a positive difference for our planet by downloading our FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today.