Jack Monroe, Famed U.K. Chef, Goes Vegan: “My Meat Addiction Is Over - Mercy For Animals
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Jack Monroe, Famed U.K. Chef, Goes Vegan: “My Meat Addiction Is Over

Jack Monroe, chef and author of numerous cookbooks, took the Veganuary pledge this year. While Monroe has created some vegan dishes for years, she’s best-known for her traditional, meaty British plates. Now she’s traded her roasts for lentils and couldn’t be more excited.

In a self-penned article for The Guardian Monroe explains:

When I was a child, I once announced to my parents that I wanted to be vegetarian. A sensitive child—quirky, bookish—I was met with: “Don’t be silly. And finish your roast dinner. So, out of respect for my parents, who worked hard to put that dinner on the table, I did.

She claims she’s given up meat before, but “like a junkie she’s unfortunately failed and gone back to it. Monroe says a switch went off in her head when she learned about Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu philosophy that‘s based on the idea that consuming flesh is violent and brings negative energy.

Monroe admits she’s often faced with questions from loved ones. “Where do you get your protein from? is one all vegans can relate to. Of the culinary aspect of veganism she says, “Now I have found my cooking has taken on a whole new life, a veritable riot of color and flavor and deliciousness.

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