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James Cameron: Only Veganism Can Save Us Now

James Cameron: Only Veganism Can Save Us Now
James and Suzy Amis Cameron, the provocative power couple behind the first all-vegan school and countless successful films, are now reported by CNN to be promoting a plant-based diet as the cure for our environmental ills.

The two tout the benefits of a vegan diet as far less wasteful than the standard, meat-heavy American diet. Additionally, they say, plant-based eating contributes significantly less to the greenhouse gas emissions that are wreaking environmental havoc.

As Cameron explains: “Sixty percent or more of the crops we grow go to feed animals, which is very, very inefficient.” He has hope for positive change, however, confidently asserting that if enough people adopted a plant-based diet, we could “turn down the heat on this planet very quickly.”


Indeed, a vegan diet does go a long way in the fight against environmental degradation. Not only that, it improves human health and reduces animal suffering.

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